CX2x(SK-C2) Pediatric manual bed


Important quality control
* 2 functions manual
Technical parameters
External length 1800mm
External width 900mm
Bed height 650mm
External height 1260mm
Mattress platform 1760*800mm

Technical configuration
Manual cranks 2pcs
5″covered castors 4pcs
Full length side rail 1set
Plastic bed ends with cartoon bear 1set
IV pole prevision 4pcs
IV pole 1pc
Drainage hook 2pcs
Buffer air spring 4pcs



The bed frame is formed by sheet metal bending and welding, which reduces the dead angle of the plastic spraying and makes the product more beautiful.
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Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C, tensile upto 30MPa
Virgin ABS material.

Steels | Painting

Process epoxy painting, A STM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50 kg impact.
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Panasonic robotic ensure, 360° full smooth wedlding.

Hand Control

The Bed With Two Function,
Controlled By manual cranks.
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The concave vent hole design of the plastic spray bed panel has strong air permeability and can effectively prevent bedsores.
The bed panel is connected by sheet metal connectors,which is more convenient for assembly..


Adopt aluminum alloy liftable guardrail´╝îthe distance between the protective tubes is less than 8 cm, and there are 3 gears to adjust the height,anti-pinch hands to protect children's safety.
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Head & Foot Board

The bed ends are integrally formed by PP blow molding, which is warm and beautiful and can effectively protect the bed and the patient from colliding with the wall.


5”silent casters, each with independent brakes.
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Drainage Hooks

Mobile plastic drainage hooks.

IV Pole

Full SS IV pole, bearing 15kg.

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Shoes Holder

Utility holder & Shoes holder.