SKR-ET850(SKM-B) ABS cart


Important quality control
* Mainly composed of aluminum, steel and ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-column load bearing;
* ABS integrated guardrail 75mm three sides without gaps, the countertop including the guardrail injection molding process with two sides with armrestsrests at one time,countertop with transparent soft glass;
* Left side: defibrillation platform, hidden telescopic auxiliary workbench, sundry box, net basket;
* Right side: There are two two-liter sharpener boxes in the net basket, equipped with a hidden retractable infusion stand
* Behind: defibrillation board, hidden telescopic oxygen cylinder bracket, movable 5m power cord;
* Front: central control lock, equipped with five drawers
* Bottom of the car body: luxury universal plug-in mute wheels, two of which have brake function

Technical parameters
Size (LxWxH) 850x520x990mm



It is mainly composed of aluminum, stainless steel and ABS engineering plastic structure.
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Drawer handle

The color of the drawer handle can be changed, easy to assemble.

Defibrillator holder

Two-layer rotating defibrillator holder, can easily view and control the defibrillator at any Angle.

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Drawer guide rail adopt damping buffer rail.


4 inch luxurious noiseless castors, and two with brake high strength polyurethane material.

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Drawer label card

Card insert from downside, easy keep 
clean. Color is also optional.

ABS inserts

With ABS inserts inside, which can be separated freely as required.

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Laterally extendable worktop

Safe lock

Adopt C-level safe lock, make medicine storage safer.

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Dust baskets

Two dust baskets are divided into two colors, convenient for medical staff to classify different types of garbage.