SKR-CT600(SKM-B) ABS cart


Important quality control
* The guardrail is hung with a detachable partition
* Detachable large white hanging box on the left: small instruments or gloves can be placed.
* The first layer of deep drawer: 160mm high, 492 x 342 x 137 internal separation, separation for oral medicine, etc.
* The second and third layers of partition: devices or other articles can be placed according to different needs.
* Right hook: hanging small and light items
* Right edge box and net basket of edge box: used needle cylinder and other articles can be placed
* Double foot type garbage can: foot type is convenient for medical staff to use and avoid contact with infection.
* 5 " silent caster: two brakes, two universal wheels

Technical parameters
Size (LxWxH) 775x635x910mm
Worktop 600x470mm